Si bien a todos los que tenemos el chameleon nos llego el mail notificándonos de la nueva versión.. aun quedan algunos que no se enteraron...

Dear user,
We are very glad we can inform you that the long-awaited new version of Chameleon Submitter 3.10 is out today!!
In this version we bring you the best features which will make your work even more efficient.
Here is the ultimate pick:
- Set different reciprocal links for a single site by categories!
- Support of automatic submit of forms with passphrases (recognizable by
CS). This means less sites for manual submit and shorter submit times!
- Chameleon Submitter now recognizes even more codes than before!
- Create 2257 compliant thumbs (in addition to other thumbs) to be
automatically submitted only to those sites requiring such sample
- Create sample thumbnails directly from movies! You no longer need video
screenshots to create them, use the new movie cropping tool!
- Set new border for a picture/video before you crop sample thumbnails from
it! This new feature is useful in cases when you do not want a part of the
picture (e.g. copyright) to appear on the samples.
- If you do not want to display graphical recip links on your galleries due
to §2257, you can have them replaced with text links before the duplication
+ Other improvements to ensure a more comfortable and efficient use of
Chameleon Submitter!
Find more information about the new version of Chameleon Submitter 3.10
The upgrade Chameleon Submitter 3.10 is FOR FREE!
To download Chameleon310.exe, simply log in to the members area on and go to the Buy section, then click on Upgrade.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Chameleon Submitter Team

Y aquí mi código de referido para lo que aun no lo hayan comprado!