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Escort Site Help, And translation work.

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    Predeterminado Escort Site Help, And translation work.

    Hello all.
    I am came here for several reasons. as I hit allot of the English boards for some information, but i was unable to find the help i need. my spanish is very limited, so i am seeking the help of someone who is Biligual in the adult community

    First I am looking for information on running a spanish escort site, and was wondering if there are any people here who run any of the spanish escort sites out there, that can help me. or who has contacts to get the girls on there escort sites, I have a escort targeted domain that gets hundreds of visitors each day, and I want to develop it now.

    I also run a spanish adult personls site that is unfinished, because my g/f at the time was helping me with the translations, but after 6 years, she bailed, and the site is not finshed yet. so i need some help in that area from proper adult translation. I will pay for this translation work, the site has been up for 3 1/2 months now, and i have over 4100 users and growing fast! so i need help to finish the site up properly.

    also, who are the better Spanish escort site designers out there? as I will be looking for one to do my site.

    also if any of you run and own spanish escort sites, i might also be willing to do link trades, as i have a butt load of spanish traffic in different niches

    you may contact me at carlin(at)


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    There are very little escort sites ni the spanish adult market,so it would be difficult to find traffic trades in that niche, but there are lot of adult site to trade with.

    I'm sure you'll find here a lot of webmasters that would help you in the translation, take care of market you want to target, because the spanish that's being spoken in Mexico is not the same as the spanish spoken in Uruguay, Argentina or Spain, they are all different in some words, so be sure to get a neutral spanish, that can be understood by all spanish speaking surfers.

    Good luck


    Pd: Just a quick explanation in spanish, if any of the users of this board don't speak spanish.

    Este hombre va a sacar una pagina de escorts (acompañantes) en español, pero necesita un traductor, alguien que conozca el mercado de adultos en español, y que hable español e ingles, esta dispuesto a pagar.
    Tambien busca un diseñador para la pagina de escorts, dice que tiene una pagina de contactos en español, pero no ha dado su url, y bueno... si has necesitado leer mi traduccion, entonces este 'laburo' no es para ti y me puedo ahorrar el resto de los detalles

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    Hi Elmister
    Thanks for your reply. auctually there are a ton of spanish escort sites out there. as for makerting, i really dont need to do link trades, as the domains i have are highly targeted to the escort industy, I am not going to mention the domain name, but it gets 250-350 uniques a day, all from "type in traffic" with zero search engine traffic, so i know once i get the site developed, it will grow fast all by itself.

    Thanks for the tip on using Netrual Spanish, as the traffic comes from all the spanish speaking countries, (24 countries in all) i used to track where all my surfers were coming from, its a handy little tool.

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    I recommend you the user El Pata, the one knows the market and he reads and write in excellent Spanish.
    Ship him a private message.. He will surely respond you
    Good luck
    El foro más profesional del mercado adulto.
    Con 100 post te ganas una taza para café como esta

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    dear lochdhu, i have been reading your PM, you can contactme by msn messneger my adress is tupamaros [AT] hotmail [Dot] com, or by mail at nachobbc [AT] gmail [Dot] com.
    Thanks Xavierx for your trust!

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