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What is CloudFlare in SEO?

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    Nikki Benz Invitado

    Predeterminado What is CloudFlare in SEO?

    Is CloudFlare bad for SEO?

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    lisa ana Invitado


    According to the CloudFlare website, they protect your site against a DDoS attack by showing users/visitors they find suspicious an interstitial that asks them if they are a real user or a bot...this interstitial contains a Captcha that suspicious users are asked to enter in order to visit the site.

    I'm just wondering what kind of an effect such an interstitial could have on my Google rankings...I can imagine that such a thing could add to increased click-backs to the SERPs and, if Google detects this, to lower rankings.

    Has anyone had experience with the DDoS protection services offered by CloudFlare, who can say a word or two regarding any effects this may have on SEO?..

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    Patriarca está desconectado David Ayala

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    A lot of websites are using cloudflare at this moment for protection.

    David Ayala - Trabajando el SEO y los Negocios Online desde 2003 - Speaker &
    Profesor ~ Sígueme en Twitter ~

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    ronnypandey240 Invitado


    I also saw a drop in SERP's and lower page download/crawling speeds, after using cloudflare about a few years ago. I haven't used it since then. Mine was the free version. They were offering some paid options too.

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    seoroy está desconectado Registrado

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    Incorrectly geo-tagged based on the DNS resolution IP, it also allows the search engines to crawl at their maximum velocity since CloudFlare can handle the load without overburdening the origin.

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    Ava Division está desconectado Registrado

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    I use cloudflare and seo of my website has not affected, the opposite is improving.
    I've seen people dedicated to seo and also use cloudflare.

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